Ideal for gun rooms and classrooms. These high-definition panels bring to life the impact varying calibers have when encountering a given barrier.

"Customers are amazed seeing the reality of what calibers can do and how they compare. It is a very good asset for our store: it helps customers decide on a caliber and it saves a lot of time previously wasted “debating” what caliber does what. We also use it in our CCW classes."

Imagining ballistic impact is hard. By its tactile representation, a 3DBlastBoard™ simplifies caliber comparison analysis and increases student information retention. These representations effectively enhance comprehension, thereby making ballistic information more accessible to many audience types.

With hands-on and up-close visualization of the wound cavity various calibers create through various media,
AmVIEWnition’s 3D BlastBoard™ provides a healthy dose of reality for customers and trainees.

The benefits to owning 3D BlastBoards™ include:

  • Quick comparison of varying calibers’ relative effectiveness and danger, as applied to different situations;
  • Selecting the appropriate firearm/caliber for a given scenario;
  • Simplify classroom training as there is NO power required for display;
  • Displays are sturdy and self-contained;
  • Incorporates the tough, individual 3D SoloBlasts™ onto a ready-to-hang, framed board.

There is simply no better teaching tool than
AmVIEWnition™3D BlastBoards™ to understand caliber impact!

Not just Training Aids, Ballistic Realization