Included in Every Basic Instructor Kit:

  • One birdshot cutaway shotgun shell,
  • One 45 ACP cutaway cartridge, 
  • One 3030 cutaway cartridge,
  • One .22 cutaway cartridge,
  • One 12 gauge 00 buckshot cutaway shotgun shell,
  • One 12 gauge Rifled-slug cutaway shotgun shell,
  • One 12 gauge sabot-slug cutaway shotgun shell, 
  • One 12 gauge shuttlecock slug cutaway shotgun shell.

One elegant acrylic sloted tray with etched-designed labels for proper placement and identification.

The Optional Rifled Barrel Cutaway allows students to see inside a rifled barrel and see rifling.


Flexible Products

AmVIEWnition Cutaways are designed to teach four classes:Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun ,
Hunter Safety Courses.

Not just Training Aids, Ballistic Realization

COMPLETE, VERSATILE, and affordable.
COMPLETE: it contains e-ve-ry single cutaway we produce.
VERSATILE: the only kit that can train for ALL courses out of the same kit.
EXCLUSIVE: one of the only kit that includes 1 .22 cutaway, which are difficult to produce.

The AmVIEWnition 4-Pack allows you to pick and choose the trays and variety you want to accommodate the type of training you provide.

Cutaways not only make impressive displays, they stimulate student's

interest, facilitate comprehension and increase information retention